Spring School Camps in full swing


The MEC for Education, Ms Martha Bartlett accompanied by the senior management in the Department, is scheduled to visit Spring School Camps to ensure that all Grade 12 learners are well prepared and motivated ahead of their final and most important examinations.


As a Department, we are offering our Grade 12's with all the necessary support to ensure that learners can successfully complete their schooling career, as they are currently busy with weekend lock in sessions. We are pulling out all stops ahead of the final exams, with most Grade 12's attending extended Spring Camps for a period of 10 days.


The Spring Schools aim to assist learners in subject areas that have been identified by the districts and schools as areas that need further support ahead of the 2018 National Senior Certificate, particularly in our underperforming schools.


With the NSC Examinations around the corner, the Class of 2018 needs all the support they can get, specifically in problematic subjects. One of our main objectives is to ensure that as many learners as possible pass their NSC exams, therefore we have identified weak subject areas and target the necessary support according to the individual needs.


We have established 16 Spring School Centres which will accommodate 3500 learners from 29 September to 08 October 2018 in all the Districts. The tutors are carefully selected by the Department of Education and are experts in their relevant fields.


The Spring Camps will specifically focus on the following:

·  Intense and rigorous revision and consolidation of problematic content;

·  Strengthening of answering techniques;

·  Analysis of structured questions;

·  Improve learners’ ability to manage time effectively during assessment;

·  Upliftment of learner self-esteem and confidence;

·  Main aim is to effect level progression in performance through revision and consolidation.


What is expected of learners:

·  Disciplined behaviour to be displayed at all times;

·  Show respect for tutors, fellow-learners, supervisors and admin staff;

·  Be punctual for all classes;

·  Show total obedience for camp rules;

·  Be mindful that you are a visitor to the centre and thus be respectful toward property;

·  Complete all take-home exercises;

·  Engage robustly in discussions in class;

·  Adhere to the no-tolerance for substance use/abuse.


What is expected of parents:

·  Ensure that learners at walk-in centres attend daily and are punctual;

·  Ensure that learners complete take-home exercises;

·  Minimise household chores to afford learners opportunity to complete take-home exercises;

·  Motivate learners.


What is expected of Tutors:

·   Be punctual for all classes;

·  Be well prepared;

·  Encourage and mediate lively discussion;

·  Adhere to Daily Revision/Tutoring Plan;

·  Be mindful of differentiation;

·  Ensure learners complete all take-home exercises;

·  Discuss answers to all questions in tutorials;

·  Enforce discipline in class;

·  Refrain from discouraging learners through negative remarks.


The Department of Education is doing all we can do to ensure an improved learner performance across all grades. It is now up to our learners to relate what they have learnt (on the answer sheets during the examinations )and deliver on our expectations. We strongly appeal to parents and all school communities to continue to support their children and create a conducive environment at home to study. The active participation and involvement of parents in their children's education is crucial, especially during this time of the year. 


To the Class of 2018, it is time to put into practice what you have learnt throughout the 12 years of schooling towards a better future. It is a time to remain focused and create sufficient time to concentrate on your study materials. Parents already know that this is a critical period for you and will give you the space to concentrate on your exams.


Our message to young people is: you can succeed despite difficult circumstances, poor backgrounds and humble beginnings. Through sheer hard work, commitment and determination nothing can prevent you from achieving your full potential and your dreams.