Northern Cape Teaching Awards 13 November 2017


This day aims to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation for the contribution teachers make to education and development across the country. Teaching is an obligation that falls on the shoulders of teachers - a resolve to take our future in our own hands and determine our own destiny as a nation.


The National Teaching Awards was conceptualised and launched in 2000 and in 2017 it entered its 17th year of implementation.  Through extensive consultation, the scheme has been refined, sharpened, as well as broadened in terms of its frame and categories.


Awards will be presented to teachers in the following categories:


  • ·         Excellence in Primary School Teaching
  • ·         Excellence in Primary School Leadership
  • ·         Excellence in Secondary School Teaching
  • ·         Excellence in Secondary School Leadership
  • ·         Excellence in Grade R Teaching
  • ·         Excellence in Inclusive Education and Special Needs Teaching
  • ·         Excellence in ICT Enhanced Teaching
  • ·         Lifetime Achievement Award
  • ·         Excellence in Mathematics Teaching
  • ·         Excellence in Science Teaching.


Through the National Teaching Awards the Department of Basic Education acknowledges and encourages dedicated and caring teachers in their efforts to develop each learner as a citizen of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.


Through the Northern Cape Department of Education’s Provincial Teaching Awards, we are actualising the National Teaching Awards’ aims and objectives which are to:


  • ·         Recognise and promote excellence in teaching performance so that our teachers feel valued by the system.
  • ·         Honour dedicated, creative and effective teachers and schools which will encourage our teachers to go beyond the call of duty.
  • ·         Encourage best practice in schools
  • ·         Afford South Africans the opportunity to publicly say “thank you” to all outstanding teams or individual teachers in schools


Action Plan 2019: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2030 envisages the continuous improvement of teachers and their capabilities and who are confident in their profession. It also aims at attracting a new group of young, motivated and appropriately trained teachers to the teaching profession.


It also envisages a school principal who ensures that quality teaching and learning takes place according to the national curriculum, but who also understands his/her role as a leader whose responsibility is to promote harmony, creativity and sound ethic within the school community and beyond.