Response by NCDOE on Nehawu statement


The Northern Cape Department of Education (NCDOE) has noted the statement issued by the national office bearers of Nehawu yesterday. As a Department, we have always maintained an open door policy, to advance and strengthen the employer and employee relations.

We have engaged our Nehawu Branch on numerous occasions, to attend to their demands and to report progress on these matters. The Department has compiled a detailed report, which we submitted to the branch, region and provincial office bearers of Nehawu.

Most of the demands from Nehawu, is directly placed within the ambit of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), and therefore cannot be addressed by us, as a Provincial Department. For example, the grading of workers and salary levels are determined by DPSA and cannot be simply ignored, as the job requirements and job evaluation remains the same for these employees across all nine Provinces.

As a Department, we are guided by policies and legislation, and have a responsibility to operate within the confines of the law. We will therefore request a urgent meeting with the national office bearers of Nehawu to discuss these matters to find common ground and ultimately path the way forward.