Teachers’ centre in Kimberley, was abuzzed and filled with jovial mood as twenty (20) learners, accompanied by family, relatives and friends graduated and received their certificates   Library    Practice NQF Level 4 on the 25 July 2017 in this prestigious event, one of its kind in the Province.


This initiative is an ETDPSETA funded learnership and it dates back as far as October 2015 and it’s in line with the vision of the Department to roll out functional library services in schools. It is also a response to the Minister’s 10 Priorities.   


BePe Developments was the appointed service provider for the programme.


Twenty five (25) learners were initially enlisted for the (Library Practice NQF Level 4) course of which sixteen (16) were female, but only twenty (20) graduated.  Inductions were held on the 28th October 2015 and training started in November 2015. All the learners were placed at schools for practical experience.


The exams and individual public presentations were completed by end of October 2016.


The monitoring and support was provided to learners on a regular basis by the Steering Committee was established and all stakeholders were represented, including learner representatives.


A dedicated a district official (mentor) for every five learners was appointed so as to give more individual support namely training and learner progress and monitoring workplaces, including learner attendance and punctuality.


The course material covered the following critical topics:






The learner representatives shared their experience in relation to the course and the host schools they were placed at for their practical.  The learners took their responsibilities with great enthusiasm as they transformed many of the libraries which were mainly non-functional into libraries that became beehives of activities for both learners and teachers.


Upon being motivated, BePe Development and departmental official encouraged the learners were told that they are now empowered to further their studies by acquiring NQF level 5 and apply for RPL which will ensure them the main stream of Librarian science with institutions of Higher learning


It is envisaged that this learnership will be rolled out in the Pixley ka Seme and ZFM districts in the near future.