NC Education Imbizo


The Northern Cape Provincial Government successfully hosted the NC Education Imbizo in Barkly West. This Education Imbizo forms part of a number of activities as part of the post-SONA activities that were held throughout the country which aims to actively engage citizens of our country pertaining the key priorities of Government.


Education being an apex priority of Government and given the significant strides the Northern Cape has made in the improvement of the NSC results, we deemed it necessary to engage the masses of our people on issues still affecting the quality of public Education.


The community of Barkly West made use of this opportunity to raise a number of concerns, which needed the urgent interventions of the Department of Education to further improve on what we are doing in our schools.


In response to the community we indicated to the community that all schools belong to all members of our communities. If a school underperforms, it simple means that our communities underperform in their responsibilities to provide support to our schools and learners. Parents must instil discipline, ensure their child do their homework, arrive at school on time and attend school daily. Teachers must uphold the value of the teaching profession as secondary nurturers of our children. Every community must guard against the moral decay in our society which in most cases negatively affects the education of our learners due to social ills that are prevalent. It is simple things that we can do at home to encourage our children to read and write, and show interest in their education. Education is a societal matter, which requires the active involvement of parents, teachers, learners and the society at large to ensure that our children succeed and participate in the growing economy of our country. This is our collective responsibility towards the future of our country.