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·       National Identity to be promoted through school lessons

·       Say NO to any form of racism


School curriculum to promote national identity


Galeshewe - When delivering her speech at the provincial launch of the National Identity campaign Northern Cape Premier, Sylvia Lucas said the school curriculum should promote and enhance national identity.


She said educators should deliver lessons that teach learners the national symbols such as the national flag, national anthem and the preamble of the Constitution of the country.


“South Africa, like many African countries, emerged from an oppressive, divisive and colonial system which created a fragmented society. Our schools are a foundation to building a forward moving nation that is filled with love, peace and to bring about social cohesion. Therefore, as part of the teaching and learning in our schools, learners should be taught how to hoist the national flag properly and to follow due protocol when hoisting the flag. Lessons that also relates to the cultural identity must be taught from an early age,” she said.


The provincial Identity campaign, under the theme “Äfurika Tshipembe Lashu, which means Our South Africa”, was held at Sol Plaatje primary school in Kimberley following national launch that was held in Moletsane in Gauteng by the Deputy Minister for Department of Arts and Culture, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi.


The main objective of the campaign is to strengthen relations amongst fellow South Africans towards a common identity.


Boingotlo Mamolegi, a learner at Sol Plaatje primary school, said she now understands the importance of the national symbols and she will forever practice them.


The provincial Department of Education Education will be rolling out the campaign to the 560 schools that are in the province and will also urge parents and guardians to be involved in teaching learners about the importance of the national symbols including the African Union (AU) anthem.


The National Identity Campaign involves, amongst others, hoisting the National Flag, the correct etiquette of singing the National Anthem, the recital of the Preamble of the Constitution by the learners, distribution of the South African hand flags and publications on national symbols as well as the CD Tool Kit on how to sing the National Anthem.