More learners benefit from career expos


In the past months over 5000 learners around the province have benefited from the career exhibitions championed by the Northern Cape department of education in partnership with private sector stakeholders.

The first exhibitions kick started in the John Talo Gaetswe district in April,  were over 3000 learners took part in the information sharing session, the department partnered with the mining company, Assmang to share the most valuable information with the learners, the department uses this exhibitions as a way of preparing learners ahead of their higher education learning.

In Kimberley more that 500 grade 12 learners from five schools in the Frances Baard district benefitted from the career exhibition, the department partnered with giant mining company Petra Diamonds Underground.

The main objective of the exhibition was to expose learners to various career paths within the mining sector. Learners went home knowing as to which subjects should be their choice if they wish to be in the mining sector careers,  this also included information about higher education institutions were they can further their studies in mining fields.

An excited Lawanda Mentjies, from Greenpoit High School said she learned a lot from the exhibition, “I was never exposed to all the various study opportunities within the mining sector, before the presentations by the different speakers I only thought mining was all about engineering, however I’ve learned that one can even study environmental science and still have the opportunity to be in the mining fields, I’m so looking forward to study towards the mining career”, she said.

Her counterpart Nzaliseko Fuso, Emma Mmogo High School said he is interested in studying Geology, “The exhibition shed a light as to which subjects must I focus on, my interest is in Geology, and I’m so excited about studying towards this field”, he said.

Speaking at the exhibition, Petra Diamonds Underground Mining Manager Thabo Mokone said as the mining company they carry a responsibility to expose and share information with the learners who are interested in studying towards the mining sector. 

“As a company we have these kind of sessions annually at the identified venue, our main target is to lure in more learners to study towards various mining careers. We also share with these learners opportunities that are available post matric studies, these leaners are at a fortunate stage to be exposed to such opportunities, most people have taken wrong career path after matric due to lack of career guidance and failed decimally in their first year, as the company we want to curb it by providing relevant information”, Mokone added.

In De Aar the department partnered with Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) for exhibitios.  The expo provided assistance to 2 000 Grade 9 to Grade 12 learners with subject choices relevant to available careers in the transport sector. With over 8 000 companies registered with TETA, this provides a platform for the youth to try new paths in fields such as Aerospace, Freight Handling, Maritime, Rail, Road Passenger,

Road Freight and the Taxi industry.

De Aar is the second most important railway junction in the country, situated on the line between Cape Town and Kimberley. Learners from this area were given the opportunity to cast their net wider and closer to home with exhibitors such as the South African Airways, stakeholders addressing the need to choose careers that will allow South Africa to compete on a global market transport wise.

The SAA brought a modified truck that has all the real features of the airbus, learners could not hide their excitement as they boarded the artificial airbus.

“Investing career knowledge and training opportunities in the lives of our young people will surely see the country benefiting immensely from the skilled workforce.  Skills development and training is the core of TETA’s mandate, and we have positioned ourselves as the heart of skills innovation in the transport sector,” said TETA marketing manager Sebelo Mboku.