Textbooks delivery stands at 100%


Kimberley - Aligning with the textbooks resolution taken by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), the Northern Cape Department of Education status of textbooks delivery for 2014 academic year stands at 100%. Although there are smaller discrepancies in textbooks delivery, the department will be conducting a mop-up campaign in January 2014 to sort out the smaller challenges.


Speaking about the textbooks delivery, departmental spokesperson Lehuma Ntuane said: “The discrepancies are normally caused by schools that place a certain amount of textbooks that are larger than the number of learners, in this scenario the department will have to withdraw back those textbooks through the mop-up campaign that will take place in January.


For example a school might have 80 learners who are in need of certain textbooks and you find out that the school have placed an order of 100 textbooks, this constrains the departmental budget towards textbooks, but as it stands we can safely say we are on 100% deliverance”.


The resolution taken by DBE was too see all the provinces having delivered textbooks to schools by the end of October; Northern Cape department completed its delivery in the second week of November. All the 9 provinces have been working in conjunction as part of the sectorial plan that will see no delays in terms of textbooks delivery.


In addition, the department is in 99% standing with the Workbooks delivery for the 2014 first and second learning term, meanwhile the delivery for the third and fourth term will resume in February 2014, the stationary delivery status is at 72%.


On Workbooks Ntuane said: “Workbooks have lots of additional exercises and form part of the consolidation process.  The exercises are preceded by an explanation of the concepts.  They are not too difficult not even for the parent or any family member who has minimal education.  Any adult who can read and write will be able to assist the children to do their Workbook exercises.”