Schools should promote agriculture, Cjiekella


Kuruman – Northern Cape schools have been urged to take agricultural science seriously as a school subject.


MEC for Education, Grizelda Cjiekella, pleaded with schools to take the agricultural science as a serious subject during her recent visit, together with President Jacob Zuma, to the Bahlarose village in Kuruman, for the launch of the Fetsa Tlala programme.


Speaking at the launch of the programme, which is aimed at the eradicating hunger among all South Africans, Cjiekella said it was hoped that the programme would also bring more excitement at school for learners because they would be learning more about vegetable gardens and taking agricultural science as a serious and important subject.


“Schools ‘vegetable gardens are a good initiative because it gives our learners the opportunity to see the importance of agriculture as a subject that they can even carry to tertiary level. This will also eradicate hunger in our schools. A hungry learner cannot pay attention. So this will help learners with their studies. As the Department we are calling all our schools to take vegetable gardens seriously.”


Zuma added that agricultural science would teach young people the importance of agriculture as a critical sector in the economy.


“Schools should promote agriculture and each school should have vegetable gardens. This should also apply to all households we want to see more young learners getting involved in the agricultural sector and to achieve this we must start developing their interest at schools. Let us teach our learners about the importance of agriculture.”